Welcome to Halayeb Mining

- Our Aim is not compromise the Quality any time.

- Customer convenience is our goal.

- Fully business Implementation in shortest time.

- Updating Our Business Strategy.

- High Performance in the Logistics Process including the Stevedoring.

- High Performance in the Projects Managements.

- High Performance in the Geological Surveys Using the Latest updating Technology.

- Updating the Mining Zoning Map In Egypt due to the Our Geological Surveys.

- Using the Latest Versions of the Mining Equipments when we going in the mining working.


The aim of Halayeb mining S.A.E coming to be the 1st one company Which will bring the new strategy to the Egyptian Mining business, due to the 12 year experiences Of Halayeb mining chairman and also to the board men members whom carry long and many Year experience in the Same Fields . And it is the first Egyptian company working in the field of mining, which involved the largest tribes in the Red Sea namely such as Ababda and represented by one of her sons, who is one of the successful businessmen in the field of business in Egypt.

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Our Services

Project Managements

a- Mining

b- Fertilizers.

Geological Surveys

Studies for the mining Materials

Heavy lifting Equipments

a- Petrochemicals Oil& Gaz.

b- Wind Offshore.

c- Wind Onshore.

d- Gas Power Plant.

e- Mineral, Metal and Mining.

Chartering Vessels for

a- Special Cargo.

b- Bulk Cargo.


Our Products

Fertilizers Products-Urea 46%n

Fertilizers Products-Urea 46%n It is an organic compound that is produced from the reaction of ammonia and carbon dioxide in high...

Fertilizers Products-Ammonia

Fertilizers Products-Ammonia NH3 is a chemical compound that consists of Nitrogen (82%) and Hydrogen (18%) and the chemical formula is...



Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide NO 81% Fe 2 O 3 78% Fe 2 O 3 64%Fe 2 O 3...